The Prime Smokehouse


A top travel destination for more than a decade, The Prime Smokehouse now delivers our tender, smoky, delicious meats to your door. There's no better way to treat yourself or your BBQ-loving family and friends than to give the gift of barbecue.

Compare our prices and our deliciousness to any other BBQ masters, and you'll join the growing ranks of Prime Smokehouse fans!

$95 Minimum Order

SHIPPING METHOD All Prime Smokehouse meats are cooked, packaged and shipped exclusively by us. Please refrigerate all items or cook immediately to ensure optimal freshness. Meat products may be frozen for about 30 days after delivery.

All of our meats are slow-smoked until they are not only done, but tender and at the right level of smokiness. We then vacuum seal and flash-freeze them to lock in moisture and that delicious signature flavor. To ship, we pack our products in ice or dry ice. (If the ice/dry ice is evaporated or thawed, your meat will still arrive ice cold or partially frozen.)

We ship our products between Monday and Thursday each week. You should allow up to five business days for all deliveries. We DO NOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES.

HEATING INSTRUCTIONS Once meat is fully thawed, place it in an oven pan. Seal the pan tightly with aluminum foil, and place it in a preheated 350-degree oven until the meat reaches a core temperature of about 160 degrees (approximately 30-35 minutes). Top off with the Chef Ed's BBQ sauce of your choice and enjoy! Heating instructions are also included inside the shipping package.

Place foil container of mac & cheese in oven and heat for about 25 minutes. Heat beans and/or collards in a sauce pan on medium to low heat until they are hot.